Singapore Nightlife

By Admin | Last Updated October 03, 2019

Singapore is as active at night, may be twice as much at daytime. It is the land of the Lion, with all its glamour and fun.  You can simply, not find a dull moment in this island-city. There are shopping malls, amusement parks, nature reserves, nightclubs, bars, eateries and whatever else, you can think of.

There are lots of options in Singapore. You will be simply spoilt for choice.

Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari – You will be thrilled to bits, to enjoy this night safari. Most safaris happen in the daytime, so you are unaware of the sights and sound, that crop up after dark. This is the first night safari of the world.

You board a tram, which takes you through Singapore Zoo. You can spot the best of wildlife like Hyena, Gir Lion, Sloth Bear, Giraffes, Dholes and Rhinos. As soon as you commence your night trip, you are greeted by tribals with fire crackers. Then the trails start. Apart from catching up with some wild animals, do eat your heart out at Chang Chawang Bar, Casa Italia or Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant.

Nightlife by the Bay

  • Gardens by the Bay – The beauty of the gardens at night will simply overwhelm your senses. The Super trees glisten and glow from a few miles and literally light up the night sky. The lights reflected on the Marina Reservoir create an eclectic ambience for all and sundry.
  • Laser & Fountain at Marina Bay – This is a one of a kind, evening show. It’s a water and light show, that light up the Marina Bay Sands. This amalgamation of lights and choreographed water fountains is second only to none. The bubble machine projects clouds in the sky and tourists can see the images of children via laser.
  • Marina Bay Sands - Casino – This 15,000 square metres of gaming space, has the best dining options, hospitality and environment. There are more than 1500 slots, 600 table games and 30 private gaming rooms.
  • Spectra Show at Marina Bay is another light and water show. This is a free water front performance.
  • Sentosa Island at Night – There are many things that you can do at Sentosa Island. It includes Tanjong Beach Club. This is the longest running beach club in Sentosa. This all in one venue has the best swimming pool, sea view and food and drinks in Singapore. There is also Mambo Beach Club. It can accommodate 500 people. You can also attend Songs of the Sea, a captivating 30-minute light show. Then there is Crane dance. An audio-visual extravaganza that can capture your heart and soul. The Hard Rock Café is another hot and happening place, where you can indulge in.
  • Singapore Flyer – The island-city has one of the best skylines at night. The observation deck Ferris wheel takes 32 minutes to complete one circle. Get to know about the history of the Flyer through some activities, on board.

Bars and Restaurants

  • Clarke Quay - is an area that is bustling with activity. The place has bars, restaurants and pubs. This is why, Singapore is famous; for its nightlife at Clarke Quay. You can try Cocoon Bar, Bamboo Bar or catch on some great shows at Lunar Asian Fusion Bar. Empress Place and Bar Opiume are also quite famous. There are so many nightlife venues, like Attica, Beer Market and Borgata, that we are falling short of words. All spots are within walking distance from the MRT station.
  • You can also visit Holey Moley a playground where you can eat, drink and dance. It is located at Raffles Place.
  • Gourmet Bus Dinner Tour – is another option at night. You can board an air-conditioned bus and get gourmet food on-board and pass by the best attractions like Singapore Flyer, Merlion and Marina Bay Sands. After this quick trip, you can get dropped off at Gardens by the Bay.
  • Clubbing in Singapore –A mention of the club life is incomplete, without Zouk, a popular night club which can be compared to the nightclubs of Europe. Velvet Underground is more famous with the older generation. Phuture has a more eclectic mix of hip-hop, tempo and bass. Wine Bar is another extension of Zouk, which is sure to blow you away. The best zones are CBD, Orchard Road, Marina Bay and many more.

Top Cheap Bars in Singapore

In general, we do not associate cheap with Singapore. However, we have come across a few places that can give more value to the Singapore Dollar.

  • Five Izakaya Bar offers house pours from $5.
  • Loof offers a great ambience for backpackers.
  • The Good Beer Company is located at Chinatown Hawker centre. Beers starts from $6.
  • Working Title is another cheap bar in the Arab area. It is located in a hostel. The menu is pretty interesting.

Top Roof Top Bars

The roof-top bars are hot property in Singapore now. There are too many to choose from, like 1-Altitude, CE LA VI, LeVel 33, New Asia Bar and Kinki Rooftop Bar.

With so many things to cover, your itinerary will definitely stretch and extend. There is never a dull moment in Singapore, be it day or night.

Night Market

  • Chinatown Street Market – is simply alive at night. More so, than the day time. It is the best night market in Singapore. The popular areas are Pagoda Street, Club Street, Trengganu Street and the Sago Street. The place is strewn with kiosks, shops and restaurants. You can also enjoy a trishaw ride around the famous food spots.
  • Orchard Road – has an excellent night life for tourists. The top pick is the Emerald Hill which has numerous bars and shopping arena. Ally Bar, The Mansion, Brix and Martini Bar in Hyatt are top draws.
  • Shopping 24 x7 – If shopping at all times of the day and night, is your pick. You can shop at Mustafa Centre. It stocks everything from electronics to groceries. You will find this place less crowded on weekdays. It is 75,000 sq. ft. of hotel, café and retail space. You can find the best sari fabrics, here. Designer products are available at low prices. The main attraction is the jewellery section, where you can get the best gold. You can also get the best of accessories that you will not get anywhere else.

Theatre and Art Museum

  • Science Centre Stargazing and Omni Theatre – It has numerous programs on offer. You can catch up on any of the shows. Friday nights are booked for special shows. You can make use of a host of telescopes and other instruments for your experience.
  • The Projector at Kallang is another place, worth visiting. This is an alternative form of cinema with bean bags and projector screens. You can attend the theme nights, for added fun. You can attend Drag shows here.  A single screen classic hall with 230 seats is the best in Southeast Asian Cinema. It is an informal experience. Totally different from what you have seen or done, till now.
  • Singapore Art Museum – is very special, amongst the other museums in Singapore. It is the best place of choice for local artists.  It is a breathing Art Space. There are exhibitions round the year.

Science Centre Singapore Admission Ticket

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Massage Therapy

Zen Candle Therapy Massage is another option, after a hectic day. De-stress yourself for 2 hours, and relieve your aches and pains. Apart from this, there are other options of relaxation and spa.

A Story about Adult Entertainment

It is one of the most sizzling areas of Singapore for prostitution, close to Changi Airport. It is also one of the riskiest places for tourists. It is known as the “Erotic Mecca of Singapore”. The other areas being keongSaik Road, Duxton Hill and Orchard Tower. Orchard Road houses the Orchard Towers and is a favourite for expats