Paris Walking Tours

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Paris, the name only brings to the forefront ‘Romance’, being rightly called so. We know Paris by many names, like “The City of Lights” or “The City of Love”.  The streets of Paris are an amalgamation of beauty, culture, art and history. This city can only discovered by foot.

What tourists see in package tours is the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath, is even more enticing. You can discover every nook and corner on foot. That is the only way to unearth the history and hidden facets of France and Parisian culture and way of life.

Before you visit this place of religious importance, read about the place. Cover your shoulders when you go there. You should wear comfortable shoes while covering the 3km – tour, on foot.

Notre Dame and Ile de la Cite Walking Tour

Explore Paris on historical grounds. You can visit this island in the center of Paris, which is home to many historical sites. On this two-hour trip, you can get awestruck on seeing the stained glass art work at Notre Dame Cathedral and enjoy the gothic architecture. Also, visit the island’s numerous historical sites like Conciergerie, Palais de Justice, Sainte Chappelle and Pont Neuf.

Your guide will help you unlock the secrets and mysteries behind the past of Notre Dame Cathedral. Unearth the reason why, more than 13 million tourists visit the place every  year.

You will be meeting the tour group along with the guide at Statue of Henry IV. If you want to come by metro, you need to get down at Pont Neuf.

Notre Dame & Ile de la Cite Walking Tour

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Ghost, Mysteries & Legends Night Walking Tour in Paris

Site, you will be visiting on this Walking Tour:

  • Place de la Vert Gallant
  • St Germain de Auxerrois
  • La Fontaine de la Croix  du Trahoir
  • Rue de la Ferronnerie
  • Square of the innocents
  • Palais du Justice
  • General tours will show you the pretty sights of the place, but off-beat walking trips like this will show you the dark-side of the spot. On this trip, you will find out about the massacre that took place at St Germain de Auxerrois. You will feel the pain and anxiety, when you visit Palais du Justice. This is the place where the guilty were punished and routinely tortured. There are various spots along the route, where you will pass through areas which were affected by plague, the French Revolution, the Paris Commune and Nazi Dictatorship.

Many of the ghosts of the past still haunt the dark, dimly lit streets and you can surely meet one.

Skip-the-line Louvre Museum Guided Tour

This 2.5 hours-walk will take you through the Tuileries Gardens along with the Louvre Museum.  You can check out the works of great artists like Da Vinci’s Monalisa, the Venus De Milo, the Winged Victory and more. You get the services of a licensed guide here.

Keep in mind, booking in advance is advisable. On busy days, you will not be able to secure a ticket, otherwise.

Paris Catacombs Skip-the-Line Guided Tour

This 90-minutes walking tour will take you underneath the streets of Paris. You will be taken 20 meters below the ground to get first hand sightings of the Paris Catacombs. You will get to see the remains of over 6 million people underground.

Learn how this underground cemetery was created to save space on ground. Learn of all the town planning ideas from the olden days.  Visit the so-called sacred site underneath. You will get the services of an English speaking guide, whom you will meet at 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, Paris.

A word of caution – This trip is not for those who have problem feet or are claustrophobic. The temperature in the Catacombs is 14 degrees Celsius.

Paris in One Day Sightseeing Tour

This I for the lone traveler, who is running short of time. Well, you can get a sneak-peek of the best attractions, all that is possible on a walking tour. The inclusions are:
•    A beautiful and enjoyable walk covering the best attractions
•    Lunch at one of the best landmarks- Eiffel Tower
•    Seine River cruise
•    If you have not visited the Notre Dame cathedral, you can cover it in this trip as well.

You get to meet your guide at Central Paris. The tour starts at 9.30 am in the morning and will take you through the Louvre Musuem, the Royal Palace, Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, a 2 course Lunch at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant. You can see the Notre Dame cathedral as well.

Skip the Line: Versailles Palace and Gardens Tour from Versailles

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Versailles Palace and Gardens Tour

In this small-group tour, get to see the Versailles Palace, Gardens, Musical fountains, Chateau and learn about the drama and grandeur behind the palatial families. You will discover things about the monarch Louis XIV and the huge 700-room complex fit for only the king.

The 9.45 am show is the most popular. You can see more than 13,000 forms of art and marvel at the exquisite décor. You will fall in love with the exotic rooms of the king and queen, the Hall of Mirrors, Coronation room, the Royal Chapel and the Hercules room.

If you are done with the tour, spend some time in the 1,800 acres of gardens.

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery Private Tour

This is one of the most exclusive walking tours in Paris. The popular is the one that starts at 10 am.  This open-air museum that houses 70,000 graves, is spread across 44 hectares. You will find the graves of many celebrities like Jim Morrison, Maria Callas, Marcel Proust and Marceau.

This 2-hour walking tour will reveal the history of the city and all legends associated with it. You meet your guide at 56 Rue des Rondeaux.

Family Walking Tour – Montmartre Tour

This the best family experience, that you can get in Paris.  You can explore the neighborhood in small groups. You meet your guide at Carousel. The 2 pm walking tour is the most popular one.

The place belongs to the artists. The places you only saw in the paintings till now, will get enlivened in front of you. The inspiration behind artists like Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso is the ultimate experience for you.

You can also visit the second most important church in Paris, the Sacred Heart Basilica. See the best mosaics in Paris. You depart with your guide from Moulin Rouge for this artistic trip.

Gourmet French Food Walking Tour

This 3-hour walking tour will let you have a bagful of goodies. Gorge on the best baguettes, charchuteries, cheese, breads and wines at the various culinary hot spots along the way.  Visit the best Parisian cafes, patisseries and store for some delightful doses of croissants, foie gras and French wine.

Chocolate & Pastry Walking Tours

Hop to the best tour of the century, with the tasting sessions on chocolates and pastries. Visit the shops and stalls, in small dingy lanes that sell the best fare.This small group tour will give you interesting tit-bits about the culinary history. Learn about the French culinary traditions and make merry.

There are numerous walking tours, to be precise over 150, depending on the mood you are in. Just, take off for that awe-inspiring trip and never look back!