Paris Street Food

By Admin | Last Updated October 09, 2019

Paris the capital and most romantic city in France has been the centre for all things fascinating. Be it commerce, fashion, science or the arts.

Rue Mouffetard Market

Rue Mouffetard Market is a market located on the streets or a street going through a market, you can get confused at times. You can expect the shops to be open by 10 am in the morning. It’s one of the oldest streets in Paris. The market not only sells vegetables, cheese and pastries, but also fish, wine san various types of meats. You can find the best restaurants and cafes lining the streets, here.

The Placa de la Contrescarpe has many cafes, which was once frequented by acclaimed write Earnest Hemingway. You can enjoy the best three-course meals here at around 10-15 euros. You can find the best Avocado salads, lamb chops, chocolate mousse and coffee for as less as 20 euros.

Point to note: Most shops are closed on Sundays and few on Mondays.

Bastille Market

Bastille Market Known for the French Revolution, this market on of the largest, you can find in Paris. Saturdays are reserved for the arts and crafts. On Thursdays and Sundays, you can find the best food and drinks. You can get the freshest local produce, olives, nuts, homemade yoghurt, eggs, meats and bakes at this food mecca.

Apart from groceries, you can shop for delicacies from around the globe. Gorge on paella, chicken, crepes, galettes and other meals to satiate your hunger. Have you heard of Choucroute? This is a delicious Alsatian dish sauerkraut and comprise of various other meats.

Few Things to note, before you head there:

  • Please carry bags as all the stalls do not give bags along with the food or merchandise that you buy.
  • Please carry small change. You can pay through cards if the bills are more than 20 €.
  • The organic food stalls are marked with AB or BIO signs, so that you can locate them easily.
  • Please stay away from squeezing and touching fruits and veggies. Vendors do not like their goods being spoilt by hand, before selling them.

Marche des Enfants Rouges

Marche des Enfants Rouges is the oldest covered market in Paris. The market opened in 1628.  The market sells the freshest fruits, vegetables, breads and pre cooked dishes as well. You can find a range of cuisines from the Mediterranean to North African and Asian. One of the best restaurant, you can hit for dinner is Le Traiteur Marocain. The most popular couscous dishes including aubergines, skewer lamb, lemon chicken draws the most tourists.

Another restaurant, that demands attention is Chez Taeko. You can find the best Japanese cuisine including sardines, chicken steaks, sushi, croquettes and meal pots, called Bento box.

Visiting Chez Alain Miam Miam, is a must, if you are visiting Paris. The sandwiches are to die for.

Raspail Organic Market

Raspail Organic Market hosts the best organic produce on Sundays. It is one of the best open-air food markets in Paris. You can find the best rotisserie chicken here! The savory items, confectionery goods are also to die for.

Apart from food, you can also find the most sought after scarves, gloves, leather products, jewelry and furniture in UK.  You can gorge on the best galettes, precisely potato pancakes.

Marche d’ Aligre

Marche d’ Aligre is another of the older markets in the city, which was established in 1700s. This market is an architectural marvel. This is one of the most popular city markets in Paris. You can find the best shops, restaurants, markets and bars in this popular market.

You can find numerous stall here. You can expect to see colorful artichokes, wild mushrooms and summery melons.  You can also find the best fishes from fishmongers, along with bakeries, wine shops and flower vendors.

One of the Finest Wine Bars, Le Baron Rouge is located at one corner of the market.  You can literally gorge on red and white wine from the best producers. You can inexpensive food comprising of oysters and baguettes.  You can also expect to find artisanal sausages and creamy cheese potatoes for a lunch outing.

Fantastic Italian Street Food

You can relish mouthwatering Italian delicacies at the many restaurants like East Mamma. Also feast on pizzas and pastas, Italian style.

Retro Bodega is a tiny bar, that converts into a restaurant at lunch and dinner. Expect to find people licking of ravioli, tortellini and the best wines here.

Bakeries Are Also Quite Famous in Paris

Basically, it is a never ending fascination and romance with food, here in Paris. A new entrant in to the gourmet sector, is Farine et O. You can find the tarts of all shapes and sizes at this wonderful place.  This is one of the best bakeries in the French capital.

Best Areas for Street Food in Paris

Located in the centre of the Jewish Quarters, you can find the Rue des Rosiers. Gorge on falafel, oozing with sauces and fillings at this food stop.  Then, there is Rue du Faubourg at Saint Denis.

Expect to find the best food cuisines, from Turkish, Lebanese, Indian to the most food delectable food palates from Middle East Countries.

Avenue de France is another place, where you will find food trucks of all sizes, like Le Camion Qui Fume, specialized in burgers of all shapes and sizes. Other food trucks are La Brigade selling meats of all kinds, then we have Tooq Tooq serving Thai noodle boxes. What more could you ask for? Paris has all kinds of cuisines at your plate.

Paris and Its Micro Breweries

The six microbreweries located in Paris, where you can drop in are Le Triangle, Paname Brewing Co. and BapBap Brasserie. You will find the best craft beers and ales at these places. Most of these spaces, also boast of open air seating and boozing facilities.

The best bars are hole in the wall places, which are instantly accessible from the streets. You can drop in any time to feel on top of the world.