Paris Nightlife

By Admin | Last Updated October 03, 2019

Better known as the “City of Love”, Paris is one of the first places on the international travelers’ mind.  The city exudes a charm of its own. You can literally soak in the history, art and beauty of life.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will never spend one boring moment in Paris. It has something for everyone. You can find something for all!

Activities to Indulge at Night in Paris

Paris is truly more beautiful under the stars and lighting after the sun sets around 5.30 pm; anybody who has spent a night in Paris will agree to that.  There are free things to do and trust me, it’s irrespective of the age, style and preference you may be having.

  • Take a river cruise – Yes, that is going to be an unforgettable experience for you. A cruise on Seine River is going to be the best, you could soak in about the city after dark. You will be mesmerized by the psychedelic play of lights on all the landmarks of Paris.  The embellishments for all these places are carefully chosen, to give you superb view of the city under darkness.

You route will take you across the Louvre, the Pont des Arts, the Assemblée Nationale or the all-important Eiffel Tower.

  • Are you fond of Operas and Concerts? Opera Bastille has all types of shows from the old to the contemporary.  Go and watch La Boheme or The Magic Flute. If you are the wild kind, go for rock concerts like the one Bataclan. The Cite de la Musique also hosts a number of musical concerts at La Villette.

Love jazz, then head to Banlieue Bleues.

  • Night walks are quite famous in the evenings. The spots you can visit on your walks along the banks of River Seine, are Pont Neuf, the Pont des Arts as well as Ile de la Cite. You can also visit the medieval streets of Marais. You can also head to the popular Quai-Saint Bernard behind Notre-Dame cathedral and one of the night-picnic hotspots.

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  • Movies at the end of the day, can be quite relaxing. You will be astonished to not find, too many multiplexes. The reason behind this, is that the Parisians love their movies – as great works of art in the arthouse forms in old theater style. A word of caution here, stay away from popcorn except the interval. Spectators do not want to be disturbed by the munching noise.

If Bars, Clubs and Cabarets Are Your Pick, You Are at The Right Place.  The  city has some party districts, which are always abuzz with activity as night falls. One of them is Oberkampf, very popular with the young at heart. Café Charbon, Au Chat Noir, Nouveau Casino and Les Pirates are some of the famous party hideouts.

If you are one of those, looking for some traditional bars, nightclubs and music venue, head straight to Bastille. Expect to find the best DJs at Sans Sanz, Salsa at La Bajao, or the ever-crowded Tape Bar.

Are you on saving mode? Then, expect the most affordable entertainment at Menilmontant  and Gambetta. This place is strewn with cheap bars, like La Bellevilloise, La Maroquinerie or Le Café Noir.

If money is not an objection, you can find solace at The Hemingway Bar. This world famous Bar was made famous by Earnest Hemingway, the world-renowned writer.

If Cabaret is something that endears you, head to one of the famed Cabarets shows around the city. The best cabaret takes place at Moulin Rouge, Lido or the famous Paradis Latin Cabaret Show.

Or, better still visit Paris’ Top Secret Bar La Main Folle. High profile guests are a part of the night revelers here.

  • Wine Tasting from a Professional should be amongst the must-dos in Paris. France, as we all know has many wine producing regions. If you are bereft of the experience, you are really missing something! France is one of the largest producers of wine, with vineyards at Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Brittany and Burgundy and many many more.Pair it with some cheese and charcuteries to have a fabulous wine tasting experience.
  • Having your fill at a Brasserie or Bistro -  You do not need to shell of money at the Michelin Star restaurants in the city in Paris. You can have a taste of French cuisine at a quarter of the price at a local Brasserie or Bistro.  A Bistro is a smaller eatery with a limited menu, in contrast to the bigger scale Brasseries with a wide range of delicacies.

Restaurants, Bistros & Brasseries in Paris Serving Up a Storm at Night

  • You will get the best French food at the L’Alsace. This brasserie welcomes the night wandered with aplomb. Expect to gorge on some sauerkraut and local wines. You will find an amazing spread of sea food on offer, that includes oysters from the fresh produce.
  • Au Pied De Cochon was the first restaurant in Paris to serve food all night. Its famous for the French onion soup, which has help on to its recipe like glue.
  • La Maison de l’Aubrac is one of the most popular of the meat-serving restaurants in Paris. The only day the restaurant is closed is on Mondays. Rest of the days, you can find this place open till the wee hours of the morning.

Other places offering some late-night solace to a hungry, burping stomach are Papelli, The Frog & Underground, Les Philosophes, Chez Gab’s, The Cod House and Ben’s to name a few. You can find around 350 or more eateries open all night long.
Not to forget Rooftop Dining options, under the stars which is another famous experience in Paris. Head to Maison Blanche or the gardens at Saint James for this experience.

  • All the travel might be taking a toll on your health and if you are swimming aficionado. You can quickly revive yourself with a quick swim at Piscine Pontoise.  A public swimming pool, open all night can be the perfect getaway for a day well spent.
  • If the old and ancient attracts you, you can spend the night at The Louvre Museum. It is one of the most popular and biggest museums in the world, boasting of treasures and mummies from Egypt and Greek statues. Louvre accepts visitors till 10:45 pm at night.

With so much to do, we hope one trip would not be enough. So, pack your bags now and head for the experience of a lifetime, only in Paris.