Havana Nightlife

By Admin | Last Updated October 01, 2019

The communist country that Cuba is, you will be surprised to know, there are quite a few night spots in Havana. However, rules change constantly due to the authoritarian government. The nightlife in Havana is quite enticing, at its best. Art and music is deeply endorsed by the Cuban government, so live music and other genres of entertainment are making waves.

After ten at night, most of the hip and happening spots, like nightclubs, bars and dance bars start operations. You can spot the best Salsa clubs as well, in Havana. Be ready to swing to African and European music, like rumba, cha-cha-cha or timba.  Some say, it is the best place for music in the entire world. Let us explore!


  • Watch the Sunset at Malecon

You all know, that Malecon comprises of the stone wall that separates the city from the ocean waters. Locals throng the place, on various occasions – to spend time with friends and family, some romantic dates and sometimes for a leisurely stroll. After sundown, the space gives a beautiful aura, amidst the orange glow of the setting sun and is the perfect place to down drinks.

  • Head to Morro Cabana

Every night at 9.00 pm, a canon is fired to mark the closure of the harbour gates of the city. This long drawn tradition started way back in the colonial times, when the shot was fired at 4.30 am and 8.00 pm, to mark the opening and closure of the doors of the wall, surrounding the city.  Currently, it is one of the most sought after activities, for tourists.

Shows in Havana

  • The Tropicana Show

These shows are running since, 1939 in Havana. Located at Miramar, the most famous nightclub Tropicana Havana hosts the spectacular show with show girls, some Salsa, Afro-Cuban and Bolero dance forms. Get ready to be enticed in the open-air theatre by Cuba’s most defining show.

  • See the famous Parisiene Dinner Show at Hotel Nacional

This show is similar to the Tropicana show, however on a smaller-scale. It is a captivating show performed, outside the Hotel Nacional and also offers dinner throughout the show.

  • Head to the Fashion Show

If fashion is our 3 am friend, head to the fashion show at La Maison in Vedado. Watch beautiful male and female models, strut their stuff and enjoy some great snacks and drinks. The fashion show takes place in an old mansion, in the patio-area.

Art & Culture

  • Visit the Grand Theatre of Havana and Teatro Mella

If you want to enjoy a ballet or opera, in the evening you can head to the Grand Theatre of Havana. It has performances by eminent artists, from all over the world. If you enjoy classical, modern or other dance forms, this place is a must-visit in your itinerary.

If contemporary dance forms are to your liking, head to Teatro Mella.

  • Fabrica de Arte Cubano

An old factory, converted into an art gallery. It is a renowned cultural spot in Havana. On Friday and Saturday nights, the place gets converted into a DJ night hot spot.


  • Don’t Forget to Eat at a Paladar

A Paladar, is one of the most authentic experience you can have in Havana. It is a small home-eatery of sorts, which serves the best Cuban delicacies at reasonable costs. If you want to experience Cuban life, visiting a Paladar is a must.

  • Street Food at Night

El Chanchullero is one of the best places to have dinner. The restaurant is of the revolutionary types, with a décor glorifying fascism. You can get the best of Cuban food under 6 CUC.

La Dichosa is one place, where you can heave a full at under 10 CUC. Lobsters are an irreplaceable part of the menu.

You can find street food like paper cones of peanuts, fried chips and cubanitos at every nook and corner.

Then there are indoor cafeterias that sell food all night long. You can gorge on burgers, sandwiches, rice and bean dishes.


  • Bars in Havana

Head to the best bars like Bar Monserrate, Café Bar Madrigal and La Bodequita del Medio, to name a few. These bars attract loads of tourists and makes you fall for the mojitos, at hand. Expect, to find a tapas bar and other tipple at these fine places. La Bodequita del Medio is more popular because of Ernest Hemingway, than anything else. It is indeed Instagram-worthy. Other bars, worth the visit include Sangri-La, Up and Down and Sarao. El Floridita in Old Havana is a must visit, if you want to experience the times of Ernest Hemingway.

  • Sip a Cocktail at a Roof Top Bar in the City

The city has the best in roof top bars in Havana. El Surtidor Bar at Gran Hotel, Bar Piscina at Hotel Saratoga, La Guarida Rooftop bar, Hotel Ambos Mundos and La Flauta Magica are some of the best roof top bars in the city. Sway to light music and sip on some of the best in house drinks.

Clubs & Music

  • Clubs in Havana

There are clubs for entertainment as well, the top ones being Fabrica de Arte Cubano, Salon Rosado de La Tropical and Tropicana. Expect to get the best music and dance experience, at these hip and happening places. Salon Rosado de La Tropical holds the best concerts with pop and fusion stars like Kelvis Ochoa and X Alfonso. Cuba’s annual electro music is held out here.

If watching bands play is your bet, head to El Sauce. You can send some time, with the older crowd and jiggle to likes of Buena Fe and Diana Fuentes. For Friday night’s soirees, head to Don Cangrejo, or Saturday nights at La Cecilia.

  • Live Music in Havana

For some local beats, you can touch down at Casa de la Musica, a Cuban Salsa den or the jazz club, Jazz Club La Zorra y el Cuervo. Contemporary musical forms can be enjoyed at Café Teatro Bertol Brecht.

With so much to choose from, nights in Havana is really something you should look forward to on your next holiday. There is much more to Havana, apart from party hopping and clubbing.