Esmeralda Lagoon

By Admin | Last Updated November 21, 2019

Laguna Esmeralda or Esmeralda Lagoon, whatever you choose to call it, is a beautiful glacier lake in Tierra del Fuego. It is 20 kms away from Ushuaia. The Glacier lake is surrounded by Albino Glacier and Las Torres and Cordon Toribio. The lake is located amidst mountains and forests.

This alpine lake is a popular hiking destination. The hike takes about half a day, to complete. However, it will not hurt, if you stay at the Lake location for a night or two. If you are in a hurry, you can complete the trip within an evening or an afternoon. The lagoon is surrounded by Cohiue and lenga forests. There is quite a distance to be covered through peat moss.

When walking through the peat-moss area, walk fast to avoid your shoes getting stuck

Quick Facts of Esmeralda Lagoon

Laguna Esmeralda It is a picturesque lake, set amidst a backdrop of mountains and forests.
Location Tierra del Fuego
Ticket cost 300 pesos
Time required 4 hours

Trekking to Laguna Esmeralda with Beaver sightseeing

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Interesting Facts

  • The various sights along the trail is mesmerising, with incredible views of Tierra Mayor and Carbajal valleys.
  • Beavers are a menace in Tierra del Fuego and have been known to threaten the habitat and landscape in the region.
  • The hike is a short ascending one.
  • During the summer months, the nights are longer. Thus, you can stay a bit late in the evenings.
  • The trail is all of 9 kms and goes along the Esmeralda river.

Things to See

  1. The trail itself, that leads to the lagoon is a picturesque one.
  2. Expect to scurry through the lenga forest enroute.
  3. Be sure to spot lots of beavers in the region.
  4. The entry point to the hike is called Valle de Lobos and it takes about 2 hours.
  5. You can engage in uphill hiking.
  6. It is possible to swim in the icy waters, i.e. if you want to.
  7. You can spot guanacos, foxes and condors along the hike.
  8. Along the trail you can see four peaks from the single location of Vista Panoramica. The four peaks are namely – Bonete, Cordon Toribio, Alvear and Cerro Castor.

Best Time to Visit

December to March is the best time to visit the place.

How to Reach

You can reach the lake via a trail, which passes through the Lenga forest and accompanying peat moss.

Essentials to be Carried

You will be required to carry a proper backpack, along with hiking boots, thermal underwear, snow jacket and an excellent camera.