Beijing Street Food

By Admin | Last Updated October 04, 2019

Variety is the Spice of Life – it is no more evident than in the Street Food in Beijing which is a heady mix for the adventurous foodie and the timid eater. You will be spoilt with wide choices of non-vegetarian fare (insects, scorpions, tarantulas) and vegetarian fare (corn, soya, vegetables). Traditional Chinese food along with its modern versions and Western fast food with global foods are found in the streets of Beijing. 

The Chinese eat on the go and favor modern world cuisine and fast foods rather than their traditional dishes. But the street food vendors have evenly balanced the best of both worlds. They have adapted the traditional foods and changed them for the taste of the modern people. 

Street food in Beijing is basically divided in to two halves : the Markets and Streets and the Snack Bars and Restaurants. 

The Markets & Streets

  • Wangfujing Market: When it comes to street food, one of the best markets that come to the fore is the Wangfujing Market which is based on the street of the same name. This is a tourist haven in Beijing and always crowded. This place is popular for shopping as well. The market is lively at all times of the day or night. You can find quaint shops selling the best snacks in China. You can find staples like deep-fried insects, kebabs, candies and scorpions.  That sounds interesting, isn’t it? Your mind as well your taste-buds will be blown away with the wide array of snacks on offer. You will get fabulous shish kebabs, with unbelievable ingredients, served right in front of you. Be ready to be bombarded with silkworms, scorpions, caterpillars, tarantulas and more. It is a zoo out there. You can eat them fried, sautéed, in gravy-form or as kebabs on sticks.  If you are not the adventurous type, you can try safe options, like corn-on-cob, veggies, soy products, spring rolls and dumplings. 
  • Niujie Mosque: is where you can head to for your dose of street food in Beijing. This mosque is located at Xuanwu district. This is the pilgrimage center of sorts for Chinese Muslims. You can find tasty Islamic food, beef and mutton. 
  • Fucheng Road: lives up to its name as street food haven is in Haidian district. This is a gastronomical exhibition at Beijing, selling anything and everything from Sichuan, Hunan and Jiangsu to western cuisines. This is more the up-market type;however, it is worth the money.
  • Gujie or Ghost Street: is another option in Beijing, when it comes to street food.The place serves the best Chinese street food and is a vibrant place. 
  • Nanluoguxiang: is another place worth mentioning here. You can find the modern variety of shops here. They sell tasty dumplings, bubble teas, barbecues and modern twists of the old snacks. 
  • Yandai Xiejie Street: is another place for street food in Beijing. Apart from being a flea market, you cannot ignore the aromatic air in the place. It serves the best local Chinese food and also a visit to the Houhai Bar Street should be on your itinerary.
  • Qianmen Street: has a lot of old eateries, like Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, Duyichu or the Daoxiangcun.
  • Guanganmen Food Street: is another street food haven in Beijing. You can taste the best Sichuan cuisine and snacks here.
  • Fangzhuang Food Street: You can head to this food street and visit the restaurants like Jinshan, Xiao or Tudou for some Beijing, Shanghai and Shandong cuisines. 

Beijing has both roadside and hole-in-the-wall eateries and restaurants selling the best gastronomic delights.

Top 10 Street Food in Beijing

  1. Wandouhuang - These are the pea cakes with a golden aura. These are the locals’ favorite snacks. 
  2. Aiwowo - is another snack, worth mentioning here. The royal families have always favored this snack in China. These are nothing but rice balls, made with sugar, nuts, plums and special flowers. 
  3. Lvdagunr - Donkey rolls, the other name for this wonderful snack. This snack is made with yellow rice, red bean jam and rolled in soya bean powder. 
  4. Luzhu Huoshao - is another street food, made of pig intestines and said to be invented during the Qing Dynasty. 
  5. Stewed Liver - is another non-veg option. It is a unique combo of pig intestines and fried lungs. 
  6. Douzhi - also known as Mung Bean Milk is another hot favorite. This is fermented from the remains of mung beans noodles. The taste is a bit odd for some, so it’s for the bolder people out there. 
  7. Jiaoquan - these are garnishes for Douzhi. This snack is crunchy at its best and breaks easily.
  8. Misandao - is another dish from Beijing. This is a sweet dish. 
  9. Tanghulu - is another hot seller in Beijing. 
  10. Miancha - This snack is made with millets and is traditional one. It is the famous flour tea.

Restaurants and Snack Bars

Huguosi Snack This snack bar has many branches in Beijing. You can get everything from sweet pea cakes to beef buns and more delicacies. 
Daxing Hutong Miancha This Chinese restaurant serves the best Beijing snack, called Miancha.  You can simply drown in the aroma of the food here and not complain.
Bai’s Halal Snacks It is another place, where you will get the best halal food for Islamic people.  You can find really tasty rice cakes at this snack bar. 
Wenyu Cheese Shop You can find authentic cheese at this dessert shop in Nanluoguxiang.