Ankara Nightlife

By Admin | Last Updated December 03, 2019

Ankara, Turkey’s capital was not very famous for life after dark. But with the passage of time, Ankara being the capital of Turkey, has evolved as a cultural center. However, there are a lot of things that you can do, after dark. You can find cafes, bars and restaurants, abuzz with activity after sun down. The sun starts setting from 4.30 pm onwards. You will find the most activities after dark from May to September.

Nightlife in Ankara mostly revolves around bars and night clubs. The food and music scene is quite happening too. You can find local bands playing on stage on rotational basis.

Kizilay is the most happening place for nightlife in Ankara.


  • Manhattan – One of the best music venues in Ankara. This venue opened in 1993 and is helping in giving birth to artists, both local and international. Weekends can be pretty crowded.
  • Voodoo Blues – If you are fond of Jazz, rock and techno, you must head to Voodoo Blues. You can sip on some beer and listen to excellent music here.
  • Adres Bar – You can find the city’s youth flocking to this place, all through the day. It is a café in the daytime and Bar at night. Traditional music, folk music, rock – you name it, they have it.
  • Nil Bar – You can find the best Turkish rock bands performing on stage. It can’t get louder than this, in Ankara. This place is always packed.


  1. Corvus Pub – This is another of those star attractions. The plus point of this place is the open balcony, which is why it is most preferred in summers.
  2. Zula Bar – The décor is colorful, indeed. It has a striking difference with other places in Ankara.
  3. Biber – You ask anyone in Ankara and people are bound to suggest this name. This is one of the biggest names in Bars in Ankara. If you want to good night out, head to Biber.
  4. Hayyami Wine House – This is an old wine bar in Ankara. It is regarded as Ankara’s top wine bars.
  5. New Castle Pub - This is one Bar cum Café, which is always crowded with Turkish people. This is a great place to have a conversation, as the music that plays in the background is in lower decibels.


  • Budha Club – If you are fond of DJs and high-decibel music, this is the place to be. It is famous for the loud music styles like techno, house, ambient, jungle and other electronic music. It is slowly gaining popularity as the hottest dance spot in Ankara.
  • Escape – You can dance to foot-tapping numbers from various genres like Turkish as well as International hits. The drinks are on the expensive side, but you will be fairly compensated for that.
  • IF Performance Hall – You can listen to a host of music from electronica to RnB and pop. Fridays and Saturdays tend to be vibrant.
  • Ruhi Bey Meyhane - This place is a must-visit in Ankara. You will find the best Meze platter in this rocking place. You can tap your feet on Turkish folk music and Turkish pop, the entire weekend.

A mention of Laila is very important. This is the most famous night club in Ankara. You can find the best crowd and bartenders here. The bartenders can serve up a storm.

If you want to dance till the wee hours of the morning, head to Locus Solus. It can’t get better, than this. You can dance to electronic music and watch great performance by French, British and Spanish DJs. The club also serves a huge spread of snacks and cocktails.

Shopping at Night

Karacaoren Bazaar Yeri is one of the night markets that you can visit in Ankara.

Exploring Kizilay at Night

You can explore the place in Turkish capital, at night. It is less crowded and cooler during the summers. You can crack great deals on clothes, shoes and jewelry at night. Traders display their wares on the road, right in front of you. This is the time, when you are far more relaxed and can scout through great items for gifting.

You can listen to the street musicians, who set shop at night.

Street Food

Gorging on street food at night in Ankara is one of the must-do activities. You can indulge in various Turkish street foods. You can feast on simit, durum, corn, kofte, mussels and sheep intestine. You can pick up the fast food chains or the restaurants for Turkish cuisine. Taverns are spread out in the city, as well giving you more dining options.

Tunali Hilmi Avenue literally comes alive with food vendors at sun down. This is the most hip and happening place in Ankara. You will find the best Mediterranean cuisine in Ankara.

If you are hungry after partying, rush to Beykoz Iskembecisi and gorge on soups, sheep’s head, foot soup, brain salad and other Ottoman inspired cuisine.

Street Food at the Central Street is quite famous. For some late night hunger attack, head to the stalls and carts, selling kebabs and salads. You will love it.

Romantic Getaways at Night

Cengelhan Brasserie - has huge courtyard, which is complete with a glass roof and chandeliers. The whole place has romantic appeal and is perfect for couples.

AND Café - It is located in the Ottoman house, has a café and art gallery. You can enjoy a stroll of the place in the evening, with your soul mate. The experience seems complete.

Cafemiz - This is one of the few places, just suited for that candle light dinner. The place is decorated with floral upholstery, furniture, mirrors and a romantic ambience.

Gardens and Parks by the Night

  • Botanik Parki - This is one of the least famous places, but perfect after sun down. This place has many hidden corners and park benches. The night lights play hide and seek and is perfect for a romantic getaway.
  • Kugulu Park - This is another of the romantic parks in Ankara. It gets illuminated at sun down and with a lake in the middle, is perfect for some romantic moments.
  • Ankara Kalesi - Apart from being one of the best day time attractions, Ankara Kalesi is to be visited at night too. When the sun sets, it comes to life on its own. The Ankara skyline tends to change color at sundown, amidst rows of ottoman house in front.