Israel Travel Guide

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Israel is the Middle Eastern state lies in an area which is holy ground for the three great monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism and Christianity originated here, and Jerusalem is Islam's most important shrine after Mecca and Medina. Thus the holy land is a supreme significance to the adherents of these three religions.

This is the place where Jesus was crucified and resurrected for Christians. This is the place where Muhammad journeyed to Heaven for Muslims. And for Jews, this is where the Temple of Solomon stood.  The crossroads of three great religions, the Holy Land is a small yet diverse Middle Eastern country with a long coastline on the eastern Mediterranean Sea and a small windowpane on the Red Sea at the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba). Israel is filled with a fascinating range of sights by Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the southwest, by Jordan to the east, and by Syria and Lebanon to the north. The country shares borders to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea with the West Bank and Jordan.

The country with thousands of years of history, the ingathering of the Jews from over 70 countries, a society of multi-ethnic communities living side by side, and a countless flow of international input via satellite TV for pc and cable have contributed to the improvement of an Israeli subculture which displays international factors whilst striving for an identification of its personal.

Today, the Holy Land, the region west of the Jordan River, is split between Israel and the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel – Quick Facts

  1. Official Name - State of Israel
  2. Established – 14 May, 1948.
  3. Population - approximately 9,021,000.
  4. Capital - Jerusalem.
  5. Official languages - Hebrew and Arabic.
  6. Money – Shekel.
  7. Area – 22,072 square kilometres.
  8. Time Zone - (GMT+3)
  9. Most of the Windows NT operating system was developed by Microsoft-Israel and first antivirus software for computers was created in Israel in 1979.
  10. Israel has more museums per capita than any other country in the world.
  11. The Dead Sea in Israel is the lowest point on earth, at 1,315 feet below sea level at its lowest point.
  12. About 93 percent of Israeli homes use solar energy for water heating, the highest percentage in the world.
  13. The cell phone was developed in Israel.
  14. Israeli cows produce more milk per cow than almost any country in the world, vying only with South Korea.
  15. Israel has the fourth largest air force in the world.

School attendance is mandatory from age five, and free through age 18. Most of all three- and four-year-olds attend some kind of preschool program.

How To Reach Israel

Reaching Israel by Air

Israel has several international airports, the major international airports are in Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion Airport) and Eilat (J. Hozman Airport). Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International airport is closer to Tel Aviv and around 40 kms from Jerusalem.

By Bus

The Israel buses are most extensive and popular transport infrastructure system of countries. These Buses leave from the airport for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other major cities. Direct buses are daily available from Amman to Tel Aviv

By Road

Five crossings on the border to reach Israel. There are two Egyptian borders and other three of Jordanian border. Border crossing across Gaza should be avoided as it is very time consuming because of heavy military crossing and cross checking.

Israel Tourist Visa

The Citizens of the following countries will be issued tourist visas free of charge at every port or entrance terminal to Israel:

Britain, Gibraltar, Germany, Austria, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Greece, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Norway, Slovenia, San Marino, Spain, Portugal, Finland, France, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Malta, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, the Fiji Islands,  New Zealand, Micronesia, Singapore, Mongolia, Vanuatu, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mauritius, Malawi, the Central African Republic, The United States of America, Bolivia, Barbados, Brazil, Guatemala, Jamaica, Uruguay, the Bahamas, El Salvador, Ecuador, Argentina,  Haiti, Panama, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Canada, St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Surinam, Nevis and Saint Kitts.


Free Import

  • 250 cigarettes or 250 grammas of other tobacco products.
  • 1 Litre of spirits.
  • 2 litres of wine.
  • 250 ml of perfume.
  • Legal gifts valued up to 125 USD.


  • Illegal drugs.
  • Weapons, Explosives and ammunition.
  • Knives and deadly weapons.
  • The Plant and Plant Products – unless permission has been obtained.
  • Soil.
  • Milk and Dairy products.
  • Fresh Meat and meat products.
  • Games of chance and gambling machines.
  • Cordless telephones with a range of up to 900 MHz.
  • Counterfeit money and goods.
  • Pornographic material.

Top Reasons for Visit Israel

  • The Holiest City of Three Religions – The holy place that has drawn three of the world's major religions. It is facts that how different religions can work together. An example, the Old City of Jerusalem is split into four sections - Jewish, Muslim, Armenian and Christian. The church in Christian section is a very very important. The Christians could not agree which fraction of Christianity should look after this special Church's key - so a Muslim family agreed to keep it safe for them. Hundreds of years later that same Muslim family comes every morning and every evening to open and lock up the church.
  • History - A tiny country on the Mediterranean coast is Israel. Back history from 1517 to 1917, Israel, along with much of the Middle East, was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. But World War I dramatically altered the geopolitical landscape in the Middle East. In Israel, the British controlled Palestine until, in the years following the end of World War II, became an independent state in 1947.
  • Amazing Culture – Definition of Israeli culture is a difficult task: it is a fascinating and unique blend of cuisines and customs, ethnicities and religions, the old and the new. There are many Jewish immigrants from several different countries. Result of; Israel has a dynamic, creative and diverse culture. The holidays and festivals are all based on the Hebrew calendar.
  • Architecture – Israel is a modern country associated with high tech and style architectural landmarks to explore here. Many of the world’s top architects have left their mark on the country. Chords Bridge, Design Museum Holon, Wohl Centre, The Hebrew University are unique experience and blending design trends stemming from the Middle East and Europe.
  • Diverse Landscape - Israel is also extremely geographically diverse like the food and the people. In south you have the Negev Desert and the barren Arava, home to the Dead Sea, which end in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat. Other side of North of Israel is the famous Galilee, a lush green landscape full of outdoor adventures and historic sites. It makes this even more amazing place from the desert to the Galilee.
  • Coolest Cities Tel Aviv - In the Middle East of Israel, Tel Aviv is the coolest city for their booming foodie scene, vibrant night life, and enough style to make you reassess your fashion choices. As from great restaurants to amazing architecture, Israel’s cultural capital is everything you’d hope from a Western capital, but with Middle Eastern flair.
  • Easy Transportation - Israel country has a modern road and rail network, with a great train and bus service between major cities. Taxis and eight to ten seat minivans called Sheruts in Israel are inexpensive compared to in many Western Countries. Besides Israel's public transport network, there is a great availability when it comes to private transport in Israel.
  • Amazing Cuisine - The food in Israel is incredible, delicious and filling, but also healthy. From The best restaurants to amazing street food stall use fresh, seasonal ingredients to keep locals and in-the-know tourists coming back.
  • Nightlife – The magic of Israel doesn’t end when the sun goes down; the action just moves from the beaches to the bars and clubs of Israel’s active nightlife scene. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Israel. Famous worldwide Tel Aviv is the ‘‘Non-Stop City’, where you can choose from a full range of nightlife scenes. Also Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda street offering great food, dance clubs, live music bands and drink into the small hours.
  • The Heaven place of Cat & Dog Lovers – Around in Israel, there are cats and dogs in everywhere. The cats were all gorgeous and well looked and the dogs are very friendly. Also the dogs are different breed and colour. This place is paradise for Cat and Dog lover.

“Not all Muslim are Arabs, not all Arabs are Palestinians and not all Palestinians are Muslims”

Israel Tourist Visa Requirements For Citizens

  1. A completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel.
  2. Itinerary including plane ticket, and hotel reservation information or address of where you will be staying.
  3. Passport (must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of the stay in Israel)or travel document (must be valid for at least one year beyond the period of the stay in Israel).
  4. Two passport pictures.
  5. Health Insurance (a letter stating that you are fully covered for your international travel).
  6. Letter from Employer, stating that you are currently employed and will continue to work once you return from your trip.
  7. Valid re-entry visa to the United States OR originalpermanent resident (Green card).
  8. Payment of the fee (Table of Fees).

Top Places To Visit In Israel

  • Jerusalem - The Old City Jerusalem is one of the most intense and unique places in the world. This old city is the heart of the Jewish, Islamic, Christian religions and also a home to the Western Wall where Jews can pray. Its religious and historic importance, Jerusalem has developed as the capital of modern-day Israel with West Jerusalem having a modern vibrant center.
  • Haifa - In north western Israel Haifa is third largest city and principal port of the country, it lies along the Bay of Haifa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The city's terraced landscape offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula and also the list of must-see spots on a visit to Israel.
  • Nazareth - The historic city Nazareth located in the beautiful Lower Galilee region of northern Israel, and famed for being the city where Jesus had lived and grown up, today Nazareth is the largest Arab city which is a bustling mini-metropolis, with shop-lined thoroughfares, traffic jams and young men with a penchant for showing off at the wheel.
  • Jaffa & Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv is the second largest major city and economic centre in Israel, situated on Israel's central coastal plain along about 15 km of shoreline. With the famous clean and full of white sandy beach, the sea enticing, the nightclubs hopping, the shopping plentiful and the restaurants open and there's always a party somewhere. Visitor can spend their holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.

    Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities situated on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in the southern part of Tel-Aviv. The city offered picturesque alleys, art galleries, unique boutiques, ancient building, wonderful landmarks and an abundant of authentic middle-eastern restaurants. Old Jaffa is a must-have multi-sensory center of historical events for thousands of years.
  • The Dead Sea – No trip to Israel is complete without a visit to the Dead Sea, a true wonder of nature the Dead Sea is an outstanding natural body of water situated between Israel and Jordan at lowest place on Earth. The sea is a majestic and mysterious looking lake of light turquoise waters with salt crystals jutting out of it, and golden-brown hills surrounding it. Discover The Dead Sea holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.
  • Bethlehem – The Bethlehem is a town that rich in history and attractions of all tourists which is just south of Jerusalem. The town also known all over the world as the place where Jesus Christ was born, is today more of a bustling tourist resort than the holy place you would expect.
  • The Sea of Galilee – The Sea of Galilee is rich history, paired with its dazzling jewel-like waters, cozy resorts, hot springs, and sprawling hiking trails, makes it the perfect marriage of the sacred and spectacular. The Sea of Galilee is a inland lake where Christians believe Jesus walked on water, is to be topped up with desalinated seawater.
  • Masada –In Israel Masada is an ancient stone fortress, located high above the Dead Sea on a tall, rocky mesa. It is one of the most visited historical sites in Israel, and an easy trip from Jerusalem – just about an hour's drive southeast. Present day it is a second most visited tourist attraction in Israel after Jerusalem, and a symbol of great national pride.
  • Akko - Acre – In Israel Akko, the place called Acre in the Bible is one of the most thrilling spots and a gateway to the Holy Land. It is a place where rich history has meant a long list of cultures playing an important role, including Israelites, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, and Arabs.  Old Acre is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
  • Eilat – Eilat is the southernmost city of Israel has all the hallmarks of a fantastic, situated on the coast of the Red Sea, from its stunning coastline, lively beaches to desert treks and camel tours, diving, hotels, tours,  Eilat has everything you could want from a destination.

Safety & Ease of Travel

Generally a very safe place to travel and violent crime against tourists is extremely rare in Israel. Visitors are always encouraged to be vigilant and sensible. The special tourist police at most major sites in there and they guards border between Israeli and Palestinian territories. Visitor will feel a military presence on the streets of Jerusalem and at the bus station.

It is very difficult for a tourist to understand the Israel – Palestine conflict as it is historical, geographical religions and culture in nature. But to visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem you don’t have to worry about that as it is very smooth in Israel. But one cannot deny the struggle of Israel is very empathic and the economic development of Israel has convinced the international community about their identity in the Holy Land.

The number of security checks before entering hotels, restaurants and public venues has decreased significantly in previous years. Anyway, you may still be subject to security checks upon entering the Central Bus Station and big institutions and it’s advisable to carry a form of identification with you.

At the time of Sabbath, plays a very important role in Israel and that means certain modes of transportation completely shut down when the sun begins to go down on a Friday afternoon.

Money Saving Tips

Unless you are coming from Iceland, Israel is very expensive country and Tel Aviv is most expensive city in Israel.

Accommodations When you visit in Israel and looking to stay for a while and prefer your own place to a hotel. There are hundreds of vacation apartments, urban hostels offering top-quality accommodation with an unbeatable atmosphere sleeping as a guest in a local home. Most place had breakfast included – one less meal to pay for.
Public Transport The country Israel has a very strong public transport infrastructure which is both efficient and affordable. The Buses in Israel are modern, clean, and safe, running at good frequencies between major cities. Another option is sheruts which are shared taxis and also run both within and between cities.
Buy A Local Sim Card International phone call almost very expensive when you getting around in Israel. Buy a top-up or pay as you go sim card and you can call within Israel for very little, especially price.
Money Exchange Money exchange in a rush at the airport before you leave for Israel gets you a terrible exchange rate. In Israel, there are change places in the centers of most Israeli cities who offer competitive rates which are better than you will probably get at home. This is also saves you the issue of converting more than you need as you can just convert more as you go along.
Free Attractions Discover the Israel is simply to take a walk through the streets or countryside. Tourist can enjoy many sites for free in Israel like the Old City in Jerusalem where you can see the Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre all for free.
Time of Travel Travel to Israel in the off-season you will get cheaper airfares and cheaper hotels. Like some countries Israeli attractions do not close down in the winter. Month of December to February quite cold for snow and highest rainfall in this period of the country. You want to do budget travelling of this low season. You get discounts on travel and accommodation costs.
Eat Local Many amazing street food Conner in Israel. It is available at very reasonable prices. You can eat Israeli Falafel and Shawarma “fast food” outlets instead of sit-down restaurants you’ll save a lot of money.
Local Market The vast majority of shops in Israel there are fixed prices. When you visit this local market, like the Old City Jerusalem, the Jaffa flea market and Carmel Market, you will need to bargain with the owner. You should ask for the price but never buy at the first shop, as many shops sell the same goods.

Israel Weather

Israel is a year-round vacation destination which experiences a typical Mediterranean climate, mostly warm and cloudless throughout the year with lengthy hot summers and cool, rainy winters.

Months Mediterranean coast / west coast (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya) Inland areas (Jerusalem, Tiberias) South (Eilat)
March - May Weather is mild, and the crowds are fewer than in the peak season Little Cool, Best Time to visit Hot & Humid
June - September Hot & Humid, Best  time to visit Cool  & Humid, Best Time Warmer - Very Dry.
October - November Average temperatures, Peak season Little Cool, Best Time Little Cool, Best Time
December-February Very Cold, Bad Time Very cold with heavy rain, Bad time Mild Winters