Egypt Travel Guide

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The Mediterranean Sea attributes a divine beauty to the north side of the country. The west side is guarded by the Suez Canal and the Red sea. The east and the south sides are sharing the borders with Libya and Sudan respectively. The delta of Nile is highly populated. The Alexandria, Port Said and the Damietta are three main ports that connect the Europe, Asia and America.

The Mummy, the Pyramids, the Nile, the Giza, romancing on Cruise, The Egyptian folk songs and dances and the ancient history are calling you. The land of Mummies, the place of origin of Papyrus, Hieroglyphic writing, the labyrinth of pyramids and many more things will mesmerize you. Get yourself prepared for a week, or so. Do you know the river Nile changes its colour, during June it turns into green and becomes reddish in the month of August. Yes, there has been scientific and geographical reason of it. But the fact is this you can’t ignore the irresistible appeal of this country. 

The Nile is the world's longest river. It travels over 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometres) through Africa before it enters Egypt.

Egypt – Quick Facts

  1. Official Name - Arab Republic of Egypt
  2. Capital – Cairo
  3. Population – 10,000,000
  4. Area – 386,662 square miles (1,001,449 square kilometres)
  5. Time Zone – EET (UTC+2)
  6. Official Language – Arabic
  7. Form of Government – Republic
  8. Currency – Egyptian Pound
  9. Major Mountain Ranges – Mount Catherine, standing 2,629m high (8625 ft).
  10. Major River – Nile
  11. The Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs which combined logographic, syllabic and alphabetic elements. Cursive hieroglyphs were used for religious literature on papyrus and wood and it was called Medu Neter by the inhabitants of the Nile Valley civilization.
  12. Egyptians civilizations are the root of many inventions and discoveries which was developments of humankind. The tools technology becomes important part of many fields like agriculture, medicine and surgery.
  13. The first civilizations of Ancient Egyptians create a calendar which organised the year into 365 days and the days into 24 hours.
  14. The Ancient Egyptian was one of the first civilizations to invent writing. The Egyptian also used ink to write and paper called papyrus.

How To Reach Egypt

Egypt By Air

Egypt country is well-connected to many places by international airlines with regular and direct flights from across the world. The national airline in Egypt is Egypt Air and Egypt international airports are located at Alexandria, Luxor, Cairo, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Aswan, and Marsa Alam. Direct flights available from many countries like Africa, Morocco, Nairobi, and Johannesburg are to Cairo.

The major international airports in Egypt are -

  • Cairo International Airport, Airport Code- CAI
  • Hurghada International Airport, HRG
  • Sharm-el-Sheikh International Airport, SSH
  • Luxor International Airport, LXR

Egypt By Road

By road is not easily entered in Egypt, entered from the Middle East through two major land crossings, from Israel to Sinai located in Egypt, which is at Taba on the Gulf of Aqaba and Rafah on North Sinai Coast.

Egypt Tourist Visa

Visa of Egypt is a permit issued by the Egyptian visa authorities to a person for entry, exit or transit through Egypt.

Visa Free

There are 35 Country Visa Free

Visa – On – Arrival

41 Country is Visa- on - Arrival

E – Visa

There are 46 Country E – Visa

Required Documents for e- visa:

  • A passport scan.
  • The destination location name and street address.
  • Credit / debit card or Paypal account.

Note: The e-Visa allows visitors to spend up to 30 days in the country and it is valid for 90 days from the date it is issued.


You may bring these items into Egypt without paying customs duty:

  • 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco;
  • 1 liter of alcoholic beverages;
  • A proper quantity of perfume and 1 liter of Eau de Cologne;
  • Non-commercial articles with a total max. Of USD 200.
  • Goods for personal use.

Vaccines And Immunizations of Egypt

No vaccines are required for Egypt, but check the status of standard injections, as boosters in adulthood are now recommended for many. In addition, consider the following:

Yellow Fever - Required if you’re coming from or travelling to certain countries in southern Africa, including Sudan.

Safety & Ease of Travel

Ancient Egypt is one of the safest places to travel right now. Egypt touristy sites are no more dangerous than popular places you might visit in the US or Europe. In here strong military presence at most major sites in Egypt – armed guards, metal detectors, and bag checks become second nature as you visit temples and museums.

Tourist can’t even get into the car park of your hotel without your vehicle being checked by sniffer dogs, and security guards checking the underside with mirrors.

Here are also plenty of security checks on roads, especially in rural areas. The government travel warnings regularly and make sure to heed their advice

Money Saving Tips

Time of Travel During the summer in May and June, the heat can be unbearable. Thus, the number of tourists is decreasing this time, which means saving money to visit. If you don't mind the hot weather, you can go cruising down the Nile or take a safari for almost half the price than during the cooler season.
Getting There Egypt is not an easy country in which to travel by local transport system. A number of Egyptian local transportation options like Taxis, Buses, Flights, Ferries and Trains exist for getting around in, and between various Egyptian destinations. But you should avoid buses due to language issue and have Taxi with meters only.
What To See You can plane your visit without the help of travel packages and after reaching Cairo you can select your travel according to your choice and budget.
Accommodation Egypt offers something for everyone.  The hotels and guesthouses in Egypt are some of the cheapest accommodation you will find anywhere.
Food Egyptian cuisine is diverse and delicious. When you ask around for food, locals will show you some fine affordable restaurants called Koshari where you can have a tasty meal for just a few dollars.
Drinks Due to Islamic traditions, alcohol is illegal in Egypt. In here alcohol is prohibits sale and consumption in public places or shops. Tourists can have drinks at any local bar and Booze in budget.

Top Reasons For Visiting Egypt

  • Rich History - “The Old Testament” corroborates the encounter of Moses with Pharaoh of Egypt. Around seven thousand   years before the people of Egypt started their journey towards the historical development and anthropological progress as well.
  • Ancient Civilization - Around 4000 B.C Egyptians established a rich civilization enriched with medical science, technogical innovation, process of writing in sign language, specific rules for the earlier dynasty to maintain a normalcy in the administration.
  • Pyramids The Architectural Splendour – There are three dynastic architecture in Egypt and Egyptians of ancient time honoured their gods in their daily lives.
  • Ancient Architecture – In this period images of the gods and goddesses appear in sculpture and ceramics but the people did not yet have the technical skill to raise massive structures to honour their leaders or deities. Example of Ancient Architecture is Great Pyramid of Giza the last of the original Seven Wonders.
  • Islamic Architecture – Growing power and wealth after Ancient period priests and governors brought about the collapse of the Old Kingdom. During this time, the New Kingdom built on a grand scale in keeping with Egypt's new elevated status as an empire. The mosques of Amr Ibn al, Mosque of Al Hakim are examples of Islamic Architecture.
  • Modern Architecture – Egypt of Late Period is characterized by invasions by the Assyrians and the Persians prior to the arrival of Alexander the Great. The king designed the city of Alexandria and it became the jewel of Egypt for its magnificent architecture.
  • Mummies & Mummification Process – Ancient time of Egyptians believed that died person made a journey to the next world. For this reason Egyptians preserved the body for use in the next life. After heard step of mummification the body placed in a decorated mummy case. Now It can be seen in Luxor Museum.
  • Invention of Clocks – Egyptians are sun worshiper. Sun God. Ra is Egyptian god since Pre-Dynasty period. Egyptians invented two types of clock. The sun clocks by noting how its shadow moved around its surface throughout the day.

Another clock is Water Clock - water clock made from a stone vessel with a tiny hole at the bottom which allowed water to drip at a constant rate.

  • Relaxing on Cruise - Discover Egypt's hidden natural splendour during this relaxing cruise along in a glass-bottomed boat, topped off with a snorkelling excursion. The Ancient Egypt and modern life along the banks of the Nile River than a Nile cruise trip through the heart of Egypt.
  • Tongue Titillating Foods of Egypt - Egyptian food is another reason you should visit this country. As like in most Middle Eastern countries, a big part of Egyptian culture is gathering and celebrating with family and friends – around delicious food, of course.

Top Places To Visit In Egypt

  1. Giza Pyramid Complex: This is one of the seven wonders of the old world. It is very hard to find the door of the pyramid from outside. Historians honour the technique and arts of these pyramids. Inside the chamber the Pharaoh rests in peace with Gold utensils and ornament, mummified queen, pets and servant as they believed that there was a second life after the physical death of the body. Apart from the Giza pyramid complex there are more sites of pyramids like pyramids of Khafre and Mencaure. It took thousands of artisans to for more than 10 years to build a pyramid.
  2. Luxor The Valley of Kings: This is another wonder better as the largest “Open air Museum” in the world. It is connect to world by an international airport and followed by railroads, buses and local luxurious vehicles. You can visit the most interesting historical sites here such as Luxor museum, Luxor temples, relics of workers village and many more things.
  3. Aswan:   A city on the Nile River has been southern Egypt’s strategic and commercial gateway since ancient times. The city plays also a great importance as they represent the old and middle kingdoms that are opened for visitors today so that they have an insight into the greatness of the Ancient civilization. It is the perfect place to relaxation. In fact, many Nile cruises start from Aswan with most tourist spots located along or parallel to the river.
  4. Abu Simbel: The Temples in southern Egypt really should be right up there must-see Egypt attractions. It is very true if you are looking to explore Egypt’s ancient pyramids, tombs and temples. Two gigantic rock-cut temples constructed during the reign of Ramesses the Great. This place was not only built to worship, but also as a lasting monument for his and her wife Queen Nefertiti
  5. White Desert: The Desert begins about 28 miles north of Farafra. It is truly white, in clear contrast with the yellow desert elsewhere. The major part of the valley is devoid of vegetation desert today. Rock and clay are usually made of limestone or chalk. The Desert in Egypt is said to be one of the most visited popular attractions for adventure tourism due to the sheer unusual and diverse rock formations in.
  6. Siwa Oasis: Siwa is one of the most remote oases in Egypt and is one of the most fascinating as well. Its history located near the Libyan border vast sand dunes, date palm forests and a lake people are mainly descended from the Berbers of North Africa.Crystal-clear springs are scattered all over this oasis, which are a heavenly break from the harsh heat.
  7. Alexandria: It is an inland port city in Egypt. In the Hellenistic period, it was home to a lighthouse ranking among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as well as a storied library. Today the port city became the centre of culture for centuries, and it remained Egypt´s capital for nearly a thousand years. Alexandria also has Greco-Roman landmarks, old-world cafes and sandy beaches.
  8. Saint Catherine's Monastery: St. Catherine's Monastery is a Holy Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt.  The oldest monastery has become a popular destination and an attraction not only for pilgrims but also tourists from the world over.
  9. Edfu: Temple of Edfu is one of the most beautiful and a famous temple in Egypt is located amidst Esna and Aswan, towards the western bank of River Nile. This temple is an excellent example of traditional Egyptian elements with Greek influences mixed in. Its vast size and extravagant design was a clear indication of the country’s prosperity at the time.
  10. Hurghada / Sharm-el- sheikh: Resort Town Hurghada is the Red Sea Coast of Egypt. For featuring an aqua park with a complete amusement center, Serenity Fun City Resort, the former Red Sea fishing village of Hurghada has now become one of Egypt's most popular beach holiday getaways.  This is an ideal base to explore Egypt and the Red Sea Riviera.
  11. Sphinx: Colossal limestone statue of a recumbent sphinx located in Giza, Egypt. It is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of a person. The Great Sphinx is one of the oldest, largest, and best of all most mysterious monuments ever created by man.

Weather In Egypt

The best time to visit in Egypt between March and April and September to October, this time temperatures are cool, but quite pleasantly warm across the country. It makes exploring the busy streets of Cairo, visiting the Pyramids in the desert, and discover the ancient tombs more comfortable and enjoyable for Nile Cruise.

Egypt situated between two deserts and embraces significant territory. Moreover its dry and hot weather is well known. Season division is usually reflected in hot and cool seasons.


North Coast

(Alexandria, Cairo)

Inland Areas


Red Sea Coasts


March - April Spring time, not so warm, temperatures are cool with occasional rainy weather. Best time to visit. Hot and High moisture, frequent showers. Bad time to visit. High temperature but moisture is lower.
September - November Low temperatures and cool weather, frequent showers, Best time to visit. Little cool, Best time to visit. Low temperatures and cool weather. Best time to visit.
May - August Usually very dry with extremely hot temperatures, moisture is quite high, Bad time to visit. Very hot & Humid season and chipset time to visit. Extremely hot temperatures, moisture is quite high, Bad time to visit.
December - February Best time to visit as very mild, winter time with rainy weather but very crowed. Winter & best season to visit but it is very crowed. Day time warm temperatures and Cool at night.